P.E.A.R. Issue No. 8: Global/Local

P.E.A.R.: Paper for Emerging Architectural Research

Issue No. 8: Local/Global

Contributors: Max Wisotsky, Ana Monrabal-Cook & Cameron Overy, Stephen Graham, Matthew Turner, Heidi Svenningsen Kajita, Alejandro Haiek Coll, Unknown Fields, Maj Plemenitas, Shahed Saleem and John Jordan

P.E.A.R.: Paper for Emerging Architectural Research relaunches with an issue looking at the theme of the local and the global.

Contributions focus on the exploration of issues that affect architectural production and discourse that are manifest in specific geographical locations but are also caused by, or exist as, responses to interconnected global conditions.

Central to this issue of P.E.A.R. are questions about how architecture can seek to engage, negate and even enhance circumstances – whether economic, social, aesthetic or political – that exist in specific urban and rural locations, but are driven by dynamic and complex forces experienced at national and international scales.  These forces include the ongoing development of globalization driven by capital, the increasingly dramatic effects of climate change, and the enduring preoccupations of modernity that focus intellectual and natural resources on technological and scientific development.  The issue explores how architecture, manifest as spatial, temporal, material and programmatic conditions, can operate critically within complex social, ecological, political and cultural systems.

Contributors operate in between the artistic, the scientific and the professional fields of spatial knowledge, with an emphasis on exploratory and experimental work based on broad interdisciplinary perspectives.  Alongside contributions from architectural practitioners, theorists and historians, the issue features work from artists, geographers and political activists.

This eighth outing for the journal is also designed to tie into the impending publication of the book Expanding Fields of Architectural Discourse and Practice: Curated Works from the P.E.A.R Journal. The book, edited by Matthew Butcher and published by UCL Press, is a reflection on the first decade of publication of the architectural journal P.E.A.R. Paper for Emerging Architecture Research, between 2009 and 2019.

To be released in January

Issue price:  £18.00

Size of Issue: 297mm x 210mm


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